High Notes Cannabis Chews

Premium cannabis-infused chews, without a premium price tag.

Start - or end - your day on a high note with our easy-to-dose chews crafted with Oregon’s finest cannabis oil.

High Notes cannabis chews are a crescendo of flavors and effects. They’re the perfect way to start a chill weekend morning or relax after work. And with a single 50mg THC piece per package, finding the right dose is easy – bite off a corner and get on with your day.

All-Natural - Oregon-Grown Cannabis Oil - Three Inspiring Flavors


High Notes Flavors

Dark Chocolate

Our Dark Chocolate chew is like a next-level Tootsie Roll. Decadent dark chocolate and premium Oregon cannabis oil turn the classic chewy candy on its head for a unique infused experience.

Strawberry Cream

Creamy strawberry flavor and premium cannabis collide in our Strawberry Cream chew. We’ve turned real strawberries and cream into a chewy infused treat that tastes like homemade ice cream.

Thai Iced Tea

Our Thai Iced Tea chew is sweet and refreshing, with subtle orange, spice, and coconut hints. It’s like taking an infused trip to Thailand in a single bite.

High Notes cannabis-infused chews are the perfect addition to your daily wellness regimen, and they’re crafted from Oregon’s premium cannabis oil at a reasonable price.

We use Oregon’s best cannabis oil to craft High Notes chews in our licensed cannabis kitchen. We don’t skimp on quality, but our chews won’t blow your weekly budget. And you can trust that every chew is perfectly dosed, delicious, and effective.