10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Cannabis Fan in Your Life

Valentines Day is around the corner. Have you figured out what to get your partner?

If you’re scrambling for creative gift ideas, you can relax. We have you covered!

Cannabis culture is booming thanks to increasing legalization. Today, there are countless fun, stylish, and practical gifts for every cannabis enthusiast. Finding a romantic gift for the cannabis connoisseur in your life has never been easier! 

Skip the last-minute teddy bear and grocery store roses for something more exciting! From cannabis-infused dinner recipes, lubricants, and skincare oils, to classy keepsakes, we have the perfect gift ideas for your beloved!

Summerland Ceramics

Surprise your partner with a premium, hand-made, ceramic “stonerware” piece from Summerland. Summerland uses natural materials to craft clean, modern, and minimal designs that evoke sunny California’s warm, laid-back vibes. Their ceramic cannabis accessories are so aesthetically pleasing that they can easily double as art!

Foria’s Cannabis Lube

Take intimacy to the next level with Foria’s cannabis lube. Foria’s cannabis and coconut oil lubricants decrease and prevent discomfort and irritation and increase intensity and stamina. Your partner will thank you!

Etsy Cannabis Jewelry

As a cannabis enthusiast, there’s a chance your loved one already has a selection of bud leaf jewelry. Keep it classy and shake things up this year with an elegant, rose gold finished necklace featuring the THC molecule. It’s the perfect accessory for sophisticated cannabis consumers.

High Notes Dark Chocolate Chews

Think outside the heart-shaped chocolate box this year, and gift your Valentine our decadent dark chocolate chews. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac, and when combined with the libido-boosting properties of our premium Oregon cannabis oil, you’re guaranteed to light a Valentine’s Day fire!

High Notes Cannabis Chews - Dark Chocolate

Leafly’s Cannabis-Infused Dinner Recipes

Visiting a theater or a posh restaurant for Valentine’s Day isn’t easy right now. So why not stay inside and stay safe with a romantic, relaxing dinner? If you have the culinary skills, treat your better half to a new, fun, and adventurous experience in the kitchen with the art of canna-cooking! What better way to say “I love you” than with a savory, infused V-Day dinner?

CBD Skin Care Oil

We’ve all dealt with our fair share of stress lately, so why not give the gift of pampering and wellness? Put your best, radiant face forward, and tackle inflammation, redness, and wrinkles with the phenomenal CBD skincare oil from Rejuvenate with Nousha. Glow-up with the skin-soothing benefits of CBD!

Malin+Goetz Cannabis Candle 

Set the mood with a cannabis candle. The earthy and rich notes of black pepper, bergamot, cedarwood, cannabis, and patchouli from Malin+Goetz will help you get the ambiance right for your canna-centric evening!

Lovepot Cannabis Bouquet

Valentine’s Day floral arrangements can be tired and predictable, but you can impress your Valentine with the right kind of flower. Give your arrangement an instant upgrade and creatively express your mutual love of weed with these beautiful cannabis bouquets! The chill arrangements are stunning and consumable.

GoldLeaf Intimacy Journal

Improve intimacy with a first-of-its-kind intimacy journal from Goldleaf. Goldleaf developed the journal to help you take charge of your love life with cannabis. Make every evening memorable, and document and analyze your bedroom experiences!

Cannabis Inspired Perfume

You can’t go wrong giving your special someone an elegant bottle of perfume, especially when that perfume has magnetic cannabis top notes. Love is in the air with this cannabis-inspired fragrance.

Don’t let Valentine’s Day sneak up on you!

We are down to the wire; it’s time to get serious about Valentine’s Day gifting. Please share this list with your family, partner, and best friends, and save them from last-minute shopping. 

And if you’re single, you can treat yourself this year with every item on our list. 

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